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#disabilityconfident Tyne Tunnel 2K 2015

2015 Promo video featuring David Weir, Josh Cassidy and Kenny van Weeghel

Britain’s unstoppable David ‘the’ Weir ‘wolf’ tore up an elite field of British, American, Canadian, Spanish and Dutch athletes last night to retain his title in the 2015 Disability Confident Tyne Tunnel 2K International - "the fastest wheelchair race on the planet!".

Weir powered home a full 29.4 seconds ahead of past tunnel race winner, Canadian Paralympian Josh Cassidy in a time of 4:07.2 when the northbound Tyne Tunnel was closed to traffic transforming the 24 foot wide road deck into a temporary 2 km race track.

The women's race was taken by Margriet van den Broek, from the Netherlands. Like her countryman, she has a remarkable sprint start, getting into the portal first and accelerating away from the rest of the field on the decent. She then made an impressive climb finishing 22.3 seconds ahead of America's Amanda McGrory who in turn was only 0.3 seconds ahead of Scotland's Sammi Kinghorn.

David Weir 4.07.2
Josh Cassidy 4.36.6
Kenny van Weeghel 4.41.9
Rafa Botello Jimenez 5.03.3
Will Smith 5.03.8
John Smith 5.07.5
Simon Lawson 5.18.0
Patrick Monaghan 5.18.9
Callum Hall 5.55.9
Jamie Carter 5.58.4
Ant Gotts 6.09.4
Brian Creegan 10.39.0

Margriet van den Broek 5.54.7
Amanda McGrory 6.17.0
Samantha Kinghorn 6.17.3
Nikki Emmerson 8.04.3
Gemma Scott 10.38.1

Minister for Disabled People, Justin Tomlinson said:

“The drive and determination shown by the competitors is a metaphor for the efforts of the nearly 226,000 disabled people who entered into employment over the past year - a figure we want to see increase further. Employers are now recognising the benefits of employing talented disabled people and the Tyne Tunnel 2k event hammers home that there is no limit to what can be achieved.”

Rachel Turnbull, Chief Executive of TT2 Limited, said: “The Tunnel 2K is a fantastic centrepiece of our year and we are very proud to have hosted this exciting event at the Tyne Tunnels for the 14th time. We are fully behind the Disability Confident campaign, which is an excellent initiative to create further opportunities for disabled people.

“Once again, the race was a huge success and it was great to welcome Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson to the event and we would like to thank her for starting the race. The spirit and dedication of all involved in the Tunnel 2K is truly inspirational and it’s always a pleasure to be involved with the race, which our team thoroughly enjoy.”


'Tyne Tunnel 2K'

The 'cult' 2km road race takes place in the dead of night, through Tyne Tunnel 1, North East England, when TT2 Ltd (the company that manage the tunnel) specially close it to traffic.

Competitors race Paralympic standard, state of the art racing chairs, at speeds of 50mph+ by muscle power alone. Branded - 'the fastest wheelchair race on the planet!', this event is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Oh, and Baroness Tanni Grey Thomspon.... a massive high five for ageeing to officialy start this year's race!

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