Port of Tyne Tyne Tunnel 2K International Wheelchair Race


19 Sept 2013
Richard Colman Chair Cam

Check out Richard Colman's chair cam footage at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEjzWEss92k. Richard finished third in this year's race.

28 April 2013
Welcome to Rochester Medical

We are delighted to welcome Rochester Medical to this year's list of sponsors. A big thank you to Hugh McLeod. See www.rochestermedical.co.uk - the world's leading manufacturer of silicone urological products.

4 April 2013
TT2K Race Report 2012

Interested in race background, informaiton or sponsorship opportunities, click here to see pdf Race Report for 2012.

14 Sept 2012
Josh Cassidy & Jade Jones winners

2012 winners Josh Cassidy and Jade Jones celebrate with specially bottled Hadrian Border Brewery 'Lionheart Bitter' in the victor's enclosure.

12 Sept 2012
Josh Cassidy

Three times winner of the T2K, Canadian Paralympian Josh Cassidy returns to defend his title. Will he make it a victory no 4? Photo is Josh on the start line of the T54 800m final in the Olympic Stadium London 2012.

9 Sept 2012
Jamie Carter

Guess what folks? We have another young gun from Team GB racing in TT2K. New kid on the block, Jamie Carter. 17 year old Jamie from Norfolk made the finals of the T34 200m and placed 8th. Photo is Jamie just after he has crossed the line in the Olympic Stadium.

8 Sept 2012
Jade Jones

Well done to TT2K entrant Jade Jones for making the T54 1500m finals at London 2012 Paralympic Games. Jade placed 10th and is only 16 years old. She is hot favourite to win TT2K this year! Photo right is Jade on the start line of the T54 400m at london 2012).

16 August 2012
Kerry McGregor

Just looking through photos of 2011 awards ceremony today and there was Kerry cheering on the athletes coming over the finish line. So unfair that she was taken from us. Here is Kerry's rendition of 'Get There' - her last public performance videod at the TT2K 2011. You are still in our thoughts Kerry.

1 August 2012
Hadrian Border Brewery celebration ale!

Hadrian Border Brewery are to release a special recipe real ale, 'Lionheart' next week. "We named the beer to reflect the incredible spirit of the athletes" said HB Director Mr Andy Burrows. "We are also donating 720 x 500ml bottles of 'Lionheart Bitter' to help T2K generate important cash sponsorship for the race. If you want your company brand on these limited edition bottles, contact David Burdus, race Director". Hadrian Border stress that people should 'DRINK or DRIVE', never both.

18 July 2012
Queen starts demo race

At the opening of Tyne Tunnel, the Queen starts a T2K demonstration race. Athletes meeting the Queen included Mickey Buhell, Jade Jones and Simon Lawson. The Duke of Edinburgh also chatted to athletes after the race.

16 Sept 2011
'Get here'

Special guest Kerry McGregor touched the guests at the hospitality tents with her rendition of 'Get here'.  She explained the words in the song immediately reflected the athletes efforts to acheive their sporting goals in life and their desire to get to the 2012 Paralympic Games.

Kerry McGregor

When Jimmy met Tanni

Baroness Grey Thompson meets 'Jarra Jim' - special guest.  Jim is the oldest participant in the Great North Run at 90 years old and a staunch fan of Tanni.  Tanni says Jim is an inspiration and a medical phenomenon to be running at 90 with two artificial knees!

Hands above and across the water

Cllr Glynis Barrie North Tyneside Council, Susan Wear Port of Tyne and Mayor Jim Sewell South Tyneside present a united front for sponsors and supporters at the hospitality tents.

It was really 'in tents!'

Athletes, guests and film crews start to gather after the race for the awards ceremony.


Ron Henderspn TT2 welcomes guests to the event at the award ceremony in the hospitality tent. On his right is David Burdus, event promoter.

Let's get this party started!

Winners Josh Cassidy and Amanda McGrory celebrate with a champagne shower!

Go go go go go!
TT2 Operations staff get the finish gantry up.  It' a tight time frame as the race starts almost immediately after the road is closed to traffic. The Gantry takes three minutes to erect.  Josh Cassidy exits the South Portal to cross the line in 3 minutes and 33 seconds - phew!

Into the North Portal at 25mph...

It's head down and hang onto your pants boys and girls!

On your marks...

The rain stops, Baroness Grey Thompson of Eaglescliffe makes one of her many outfit changes and turns into the offial starter!

Tanni sounds the air-horn for the start of the Port of Tyne Tunnel 2K International

Tunnel Elves

Getting the athletes checked in, tooled up, warmed up and gridded is no mean feat in the rain. Luckily we had lots of little helpers headed up by Queen Elf Helper Tanni - you just gotta love her haven't you?

Queen Tunnel ELf Tanni

Cameras at the ready

Eric and Big Tone - a couple of local Paparazzi prepping for the start.  www.ridingmillphotographicsociety.co.uk

Eric and Big Tone - Papps!

15 Sept 2011
Marty sets new Tunnel course record

The elite field may as well give up and go home because as a spokesperson for TT2 today said, "The result is already decided!" In a time trial carried out earlier today, Marty (see picture) set the inaugral and fastest time ever for the new Tyne Tunnel course in a modified customer services wheelchair!

13 Sept 2011
Make it so!

Geoff and Marty at TT2 get to grips with finish line banners. These guys are great and always deliver - hence the catch phrase, "make it so".  They are a bit worried about wind on the night but we can get them some tablets for that!  Keep smiling boys!

Geoff and Marty sort finish line banners at TT2

10 Sept 2011
Amanda is so sweet to help out

Amanda McGrory USA touched down at 7.30pm at Newcastle International Airport, at 8.30pm she was freezing at  the North Toll Plaza for a pre-launch photoshoot.  At 10.30 we delivered her for a well earned rest at Tanni and Ian's and to wash out a 1kg jar of runny honey from her travel bag that had burst on the flight!

Amanda McGrory USA with photographer Andy Jones of Critical Tortoise

9 Sept 2011
Not so lung-busting climb after all!

Andy Coapes, TT2's Construction Manager, advises that in engineering terms that a 1:20 gradient is virtually flat so athletes should find the climb out of the tunnel a breeze - yeah, Andy, and in photographic terms this photo of you is virtually vertical! Ha ha.

Andy Coapes gives a master class on working out gradients!

8 Sept 2011
Athlete parking

Ground works going flat out South side of the new tunnel. This area currently being leveled will be the British athletes car parking area next Friday - don't look so worried David!

This gravel is going to be a tarmac parking area next Friday.

7 Sept 2011
Kerry McGregor

Kerry has confirmed she is going to sing for us at the award ceremony. She is going to drive down on Friday night, perform and then drive back to Scotland for her busy shedule on Saturday - what a star!

Go to Kerry's website

6 Sept 2011

We are all exited at the T2K office as we have decided to spare no expense and get some promotional beanie hats for the athletes. A big thank you to Ann and the crew at Running Imp International for rushing these and a few other essentials through!

Art work for our 2011 Beanie hats!

5 Sept 2011
Roll up display

Event art work is coming along well.  Banners and display materials are being printed as this blog is being written. Roll up (right) shows the fabulous River God Tyne 'blowing' the athletes throught the Tyne Tunnel and watching over them as they hit speeds of 45mph on the downhill with their backsides one foot off the tarmac and attempt the lung busting 1km climb at 1:20 gradient back out to the finish line. Definitely not for the faint hearted. Image created by 2010 winner Josh Cassidy.

River God Tyne roll up poster by Josh Cassidy

2 Sept 2011
Woods BOMB SHELL - "I'm out!"

2010 T2K winner, GB's Shelly Woods has pulled out of this year's race with only two days 'til the start gun. Shelly, four times T2K winner and world record holder in the 1500m T54 says she is gutted to miss this year's race but her busy schedule in preparation for 2012 has just made it impossible to get to North East England on time.  Now the main topic of conversation is "who will take her title in 2011?"

Shelly Woods 2010 winner Tunnel 2K International

31 Aug 2011
Port of Tyne 'Reflect'

Inspired by Tunnel 2K photographs?  Check out the Port of Tyne 'Reflect' photo and film competition to 'capture North East England on camera'.

Click here to enter 'Reflect'

27 Aug 2011
Go North East

We are at the Go North East Percy Main Depot checking out on site transport for the athletes.  Callum (who has been a race marshall since he was 2 years old) checks out an accessible single decker.  Thanks to Martin Harris and Jeff Gibbs for support in kind!

Go to http://www.simplygo.com/

26 Aug 2011
Classic Tunnel 2K Ad

Watch Baroness Grey Thompson and Dr Ian Thompson push through a water curtain in the Tyne Tunnel in a 2006 promo. It was filmed at 3am on a September morning, the water was freezing cold.  Wet suits were worn under the silver lycra suits to help keep them warm!

Click to go to Tanni & Ian 2006 advert for Tunnel 2K

25 Aug 2011
Karten Suite Edit Video

Students from the Percy Hedley Foundation Karten Suite have produced a great edit of the 2010 race compiled from their own footage and that of Film Nova given by permission of Burdus.

Watch Karten Suite edit on You Tube

24 Aug 2011
Kerry McGregor

Kerry would love to sing at the T2K Award Ceremony which would be cool.  We are trying to swing it - anyone who wants to help us make this happen.... get in touch!

Kerry McGregor

23 Aug 2011
Motorcycle Cameras

Two motorcycle camera teams are now confirmed so we are looking forward to fabulous action shots of both men and women racers in the new tunnel!  Thanks to Peter Brown and Williams Moto.

22 Aug 2011
Operations Planning Meeting

At the TT2 offices.  David, Jeff, Paul and Ron set out ground layouts for race start, finish, parking, sponsors banners and hospitality tents (and partake in a bit of 'pen jousting!).






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